The key elements of the Infrico Supermarket LED lighting systems

The best commercial refrigeration display cases are those that ensure optimal food preservation and facilitate visibility.  As a result, the shopping experience for customers is significantly improved and supermarket chains see an increase in sales. To achieve these goals there is one decisive factor: the lighting of the display cases. Infrico Supermarket, as an industry […]

Slim Experience doors open up the shopping experience in supermarkets

One of the big keys to increasing sales in supermarkets is to offer an excellent shopping experience. To achieve this goal, it is essential to take care of the smallest detail: from offering total visibility of the product on display to making it easier for the customer to open the doors of the refrigeration unit. […]

Total Look doors, a visible improvement in the product´s cooling


Infrico Supermarket, as part of its commitment to innovation and improving the shopping experience for customers, presents the innovative design of Total Look doors. Being completely transparent, the Total Look double glass doors guarantee total visibility of the product on display by eliminating the obstacle that glass can pose to the customer’s vision. These amazing […]

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling: Ready to Start

efficiency energy

March is the month of energy efficiency. On the one hand, on March 1, the European Union’s eco-design (2019/2024) and energy labeling (2019/2018) regulations come into force for all commercial refrigeration appliances for direct sales (display and sale of fresh and frozen products in the Retail sector, Hospitality sector and Food & Beverage). On the […]

Customer trust, Infrico Supermarket’s best support to overcome 2020

Infrico Supermarket agradece confianza clientes en un año complicado

2020 has been a year to forget. However, what the Infrico Supermarket family will not forget is the trust our customers have placed in us during this difficult year. The best word to sum up 2020 can only be this: thank you. Thanks to supermarkets and food chains, both recognized as essential activities, for trusting […]

Infrico Supermarket present in Portugal

Grupo Infrico, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment, began its direct activity in Portugal through the company Infrico Supermarket. The group, from Lucena, in the province of Cordoba (Spain), currently has more than 600 employees in 13 delegations in Spain and 16 abroad, and exports almost 50% of its production to more than 80 countries, […]

Infrico Supermarket sponsors the fifth edition of the Tecnofrío 2020 Refrigeration Technology Congress

Tecnofrío 2020 will be held in a virtual format on 30 September and 1 October and will analyse the current situation of the refrigeration installations sector, both linked to commercial refrigeration and to industrial processes, and will project the evolution of the sector over the coming years Producing cold and knowing how to use it […]

Infrico supermarket in the news: Refrigeration with direct sales function will have energy label

Será en marzo del 2021, fecha en la que también esos equipos tendrán que cumplir con determinados requisitos de ecodiseño. Han sido publicados en el Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea los reglamentos que regulan los aparatos de refrigeración con función de venta directa en materia de diseño ecológico –Reglamento (UE) 2019/2024– y etiquetado energético […]