These accessories help to achieve a more attractive product display by increasing visibility on the shelf

We will find the following accessories:

  • NEXT: Pushers for pizzas, sliced products and 4th range for 400- and 500-mm shelves
  • FRESH CASE: Fruit display
  • OPTIMUS: Spacers, pushers and rails

Next Pushers

The NEXT system keeps products aligned at all times, reducing the time spent on product placement

The system has 4 parts:

  1. Empujador Pusher
  2. Adaptable spacers
  3. Front
  4. Price tag holder
  • Available for pizzas, sliced products and 4th range products and for 400 and 500 mm depth
  • This option is exclusively for adding to the multidecks display cases.




Fresh case Fruit display

Fresh Case is the merchandising system for fruit and vegetables that sits directly on top of the shelf.
It creates an attractive shopping environment ideal for loose or unpacked produce. Its surface is approved for food contact and is made of 50% recycled material.

Various solutions are available with 400 mm depth and lengths of 300, 400 and 600 mm.



The Optimus system consists of dividers, rails and pushers to be placed directly on the shelves of the multidecks display cases

Product placement by category and stock control accompany the main function of the Optimus system, the optimization of space. The order and presentation of the product are the protagonists of the shelf.

Pushers, spacers and base need the rail to fit them.


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