Infrico Supermarket has developed a new price holder system that makes it easier to use and look good when it integrates LED lighting.


This new price holder is a system patented by Infrico at oficina española
de patentes y registros.

This patent combines the obvious functionality of support for holding and displaying the price,
with the complementary function of having LED lighting without auxiliary elements.

In addition to locating the lighting in the right place to illuminate the product on the bottom shelf, this new system incorporates the following improvements:

  • Ease of use for attaching or replacing price labels by turning them on their underside
  • Eliminates the front view of LED lighting

Compared to other systems on the market, the location of our LED lighting allows us to always highlight the product on its front side, which is the promotional side, and not on top of it, increasing its effectiveness.

This effectiveness, coupled with the low energy consumption and high efficiency of our LED system, makes it a sustainable system.


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