• Full integration into the display case
  • Modular hinged door without frames
  • Hinges and installation elements concealed in the cabinet
  • Easy installation and interchangeable with the standard door
  • Low-emissivity, tempered glass in compliance with UNI 12150 standard
  • 90% argon chamber
  • External tempered glass
  • Vertical glass spacers
  • Watertight sealing seal with the lower cabinet
  • Ergonomic light grey aluminum handle
  • Conductivity coefficient Ug=1,2 W/ m2K
  • Color rendering coefficient RD65 / 98%Ra
  • Transmission coefficient 81 % Tv
  • Reflection coefficient 15 % pv
  • 5 years guarantee against moisture
  • Penetration and argon gas leakage
  • Guaranteed openings > 1.000.000 cycles without maintenance
  • Automatic closing of the door from 0º to 80/85º
  • Automatic closing with door closed guarantee
  • Smooth and light opening
  • Full opening up to 93º for product replenishment.
  • Constructed of high-strength aluminum (up to 100 kg)
  • Lenght 24 cm
  • Rounded angles to avoid cuts and bumps
  • PVC covers to enhance the feel and comfort of use
  • Ultraviolet adhesive coated (robustness)
  • Light grey handle and covers
  • Handle height to the floor 1145 mm to avoid shopping trolleys on all models


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