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Infrico Supermarket’s fog control systems, a guarantee for your commercial refrigeration display cases.


Fog on the glass of commercial refrigeration display cases is a nuisance for customers. As a result of this fog, the visibility of products on display can be limited and negatively affect the shopping experience. Instead, the absence of fog allows the product on display to be perfectly visible to the shopper. By eliminating the […]

The new price holder that increases shopping effectiveness in supermarkets


Every detail is important when it comes to improving the shopping experience for customers in supermarkets and, as a result, increasing the sales perfomance. From the optimum temperature in the aisles of refrigerated products to the visibility of the product on display, Infrico Supermarket analyses even the smallest detail in its commitment to continuous improvement […]

The key elements of the Infrico Supermarket LED lighting systems

The best commercial refrigeration display cases are those that ensure optimal food preservation and facilitate visibility.  As a result, the shopping experience for customers is significantly improved and supermarket chains see an increase in sales. To achieve these goals there is one decisive factor: the lighting of the display cases. Infrico Supermarket, as an industry […]

Slim Experience doors open up the shopping experience in supermarkets

One of the big keys to increasing sales in supermarkets is to offer an excellent shopping experience. To achieve this goal, it is essential to take care of the smallest detail: from offering total visibility of the product on display to making it easier for the customer to open the doors of the refrigeration unit. […]

Total Look doors, a visible improvement in the product´s cooling


Infrico Supermarket, as part of its commitment to innovation and improving the shopping experience for customers, presents the innovative design of Total Look doors. Being completely transparent, the Total Look double glass doors guarantee total visibility of the product on display by eliminating the obstacle that glass can pose to the customer’s vision. These amazing […]