Infrico Supermarket presents its new products at C&R 2019 in Madrid

Last February 26th the C&R 2019 fair in Madrid officially started and Infrico Supermarket presented its new products for 2019With a large influx of specialized public, this latest edition of the fair has been an exciting success for the sectorDuring the fair we showed our customers EXPERIENCE the new line of commercial refrigeration furniture for Supermarkets with a complete product portfolio among which we can find some of our main new developments:
  • MDG remote multideck range
  • MDC plugin multideck range R290
  • SMDG remote lowmultideck
  • VEX counters
  • MBTGR remote frozen multideck
  • MBT plugin frozen multideck R290
All this is accompanied by current products in high demand and by EXPERIENCE 4.0, Infrico’s powerful intelligent cold cases management system that allows you to control, monitor and increase the functionalities of the cold cases installed in your sales area.Our customers highlighted the following product´s aspects:
  • Full visibility of the exposed product from any viewing angle
  • Total transparency in closed cases
  • Surprising lighting
  • Elegant aesthetic lines
  • Design integration with all kind of store formats
  • Energy efficiency (eco-design)
  • Environmental care
  • Natural refrigerants
  • EXPERIENCE 4.0 total intelligent management