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Origen Español Certificado, a new achievement of Infrico Supermarket


Infrico Supermarket achieves a new milestone: “Origen Español Certificado“ (Certified Spanish Origin). After passing a demanding audit, we have achieved a certification that was created in 2013 to highlight the origin of the products, as well as their quality and production process. The Certified Spanish Origin project seeks to improve the competitiveness of the products […]

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling: Ready to Start

efficiency energy

March is the month of energy efficiency. On the one hand, on March 1, the European Union’s eco-design (2019/2024) and energy labeling (2019/2018) regulations come into force for all commercial refrigeration appliances for direct sales (display and sale of fresh and frozen products in the Retail sector, Hospitality sector and Food & Beverage). On the […]

Infrico supermarket in the news: Refrigeration with direct sales function will have energy label

Será en marzo del 2021, fecha en la que también esos equipos tendrán que cumplir con determinados requisitos de ecodiseño. Han sido publicados en el Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea los reglamentos que regulan los aparatos de refrigeración con función de venta directa en materia de diseño ecológico –Reglamento (UE) 2019/2024– y etiquetado energético […]

Infrico Supermarket will present its new solutions at Euroshop 2020

EuroShop is the most important International Monographic Retail Trade Fair in the world, with the widest range of products and services, with maximum innovation and quality. Held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 16 Feb 2020 to 20 Feb 2020 It is considered the world’s largest trade fair, due to its high concentration of professionals and decision-makers, […]

Grupo Infrico finalizing the second expansion phase of Infrico Supermarket factory

Since 1986 and after a long journey, 2019 is the year in which the expansion of Infrico Supermaket takes place. There are already more than 3 decades of an intense trajectory that continues to allow the evolution of the Grupo Infrico. Taking a brief historical overview, it was in 1994 when the first exports were […]

C&R2019 – Transcritical C02 installations and water condensation

The objective of C&R 2019 fair, in addition to presenting the new portfolio products for 2019, is to reinforce Infrico Supermarket’s commitment to eco-design, environment care and sustainable development by offering solutions to meet these objectives. Grupo Infrico was also present at the recent and successful C&R 2019 fair in Madrid through 2 important collaborations […]

Infrico Supermarket presents its new products at C&R 2019 in Madrid

Last February 26th the C&R 2019 fair in Madrid officially started and Infrico Supermarket presented its new products for 2019 With a large influx of specialized public, this latest edition of the fair has been an exciting success for the sector During the fair we showed our customers EXPERIENCE the new line of commercial refrigeration […]