Slim Experience doors open up the shopping experience in supermarkets

One of the big keys to increasing sales in supermarkets is to offer an excellent shopping experience. To achieve this goal, it is essential to take care of the smallest detail: from offering total visibility of the product on display to making it easier for the customer to open the doors of the refrigeration unit. These are just two of the many benefits of Infrico Supermarket’s Slim Experience double glass door system, a benchmark in the commercial refrigeration display cases sector.

Full visibility of the products is the result of the design of the Slim Experience doors, while the ease of opening the doors is the result of the use of oleo dynamic hinges and ergonomic handles.

With the oleo dynamic hinge system, which guarantees more than one million maintenance-free opening cycles, the doors of the refrigeration unit open smoothly and lightly and close effortlessly. And with the 24-centimetre-long, ergonomic vertical handle made of high-strength aluminum with PVC covers, customer convenience is significantly improved. All this with the added value of eliminating the cold aisle effect.

In addition to improving the shopping experience in the supermarket, Slim Experience double glass doors help to improve two other essential aspects: product preservation and energy efficiency

Low heat transmission translates into better product preservation with lower energy consumption. Infrico Supermarket’s new door design, elegant and elegant, responds to one of the main concerns of customers and users: energy efficiency and environmental care.

In terms of technical aspects, Slim Experience doors have a conductivity coefficient of 1.2 W/m2K, an RD65 color rendering coefficient of 98%, a transmission coefficient of 81% and a reflection coefficient of 13%.

These are, by way of summary, the main features of the Slim Experience doors:

  • Full integration into the display case
  • Modular hinged door without frames
  • Hinges and installation elements concealed in the cabinet
  • Low-emissivity, tempered glass in compliance with UNI 12150 standard
  • Total thickness = 20 mm
    • External tempered glass
    • 90% argon chamber
    • Inner tempered glass with low-emissivity treatment
  • Insulating glass with low coefficient of conductivity
  • Watertight sealing seal with the lower cabinet
  • Ergonomic anthracite grey aluminum handle
  • Anthracite grey spacers

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