Total Look doors, a visible improvement in the product´s cooling


Infrico Supermarket, as part of its commitment to innovation and improving the shopping experience for customers, presents the innovative design of Total Look doors. Being completely transparent, the Total Look double glass doors guarantee total visibility of the product on display by eliminating the obstacle that glass can pose to the customer’s vision. These amazing doors help to create a comfortable setting in the supermarket aisle so that shoppers can spend more time choosing their products and thus boost sales in the shop.

They are currently in the patent process. Infrico Supermarket’s transparent double glass doors are a practical solution to a common problem in long refrigerated aisles: customers’ side view of the door frames. Thanks to Total Look doors, visibility is increased while energy consumption is reduced.

Its 4-millimetre tempered inner glass with low-emissivity treatment in accordance with the UNI 12150 standard stands out for its low cold conductivity coefficient: unlike other manufacturers whose thermal transmittance coefficient of the glass rises to 1.6 W/m2K, Total Look glass reduces this index to 1.2 W/m2K, which means that its thermal insulation is greater.

The oleo dynamic hinge of Total Look doors improves the performance of the gravity hinge and guarantees 1 million opening cycles without maintenance. In addition, the oleo dynamic hinge, with automatic door closing from 0 to 80-85 degrees and door closed guarantee, allows a maximum opening of 93 degrees for easy product replenishment.

The new door design has a color rendering coefficient RD 65 of 98%, a transmission coefficient of 81% TV and a reflection coefficient of 15% PV. The warranty against humidity ingress and argon gas leakage is 5 years.

In addition to all these advantages of Total Look doors for optimal product refrigeration in supermarkets, there is the ease of installation and interchangeability with standard doors; their total integration into the furniture; their vertical glass spacers; their modular hinged door without frames and their ergonomic handle. Constructed from high-strength aluminum, the ergonomic handle has rounded corners for greater safety and PVC covers to again enhance customer comfort and improve the shopping experience.

Therefore, the main characteristics of the Total Look doors are the following:

Fully integrated into the display case
Modular hinged door without frames
Hinges and installation elements hidden
Easy installation and interchangeable with the standard door
Low-emissivity, tempered glass in compliance with UNI 12150 standard
90% argon chamber
Low coefficient of conductivity Ug= 1.2 W/m2K
Vertical glass spacers and ergonomic handle
Oleo dynamic hinge
98% color rendering
81% light transmission

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