Ecodesign and Energy Labelling: Ready to Start

efficiency energy

March is the month of energy efficiency. On the one hand, on March 1, the European Union’s eco-design (2019/2024) and energy labeling (2019/2018) regulations come into force for all commercial refrigeration appliances for direct sales (display and sale of fresh and frozen products in the Retail sector, Hospitality sector and Food & Beverage). On the other hand, March 5 is World Energy Efficiency Day, which reminds us of the decisive importance of rational energy use.

The eco-design and energy labeling regulations, mandatory from March 1, aim to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of refrigeration appliances. They also promote innovation among manufacturers, an aspect in which Infrico Supermarket is known in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration cases for supermarket.

The eco-design regulation sets minimum efficiency requirements for products placed on the market, while the energy labeling regulation requires the inclusion of a label with relevant data for the customer. This includes information on annual consumption, energy efficiency class, temperature range and total display area. The data shown on the labeling follows the ISO23953 standard.

In the development of these EU regulations, the energy efficiency data were established so that classes A and B are empty. Therefore, a commercial refrigeration cabinet with an energy efficiency class C represents a high-quality product.

The commitment to a rational use of energy must come from everyone, individually and collectively. On March 5, with energy efficiency and eco-design regulations in place, we at Infrico Supermarket will join – even more strongly and with even more determination – in the celebration of World Energy Efficiency Day. The reward for everyone’s efforts is worth it: enjoying a more sustainable environment. It is time to lead the change and adopt measures to systematically reduce energy consumption and make rational use of it.