The key elements of the Infrico Supermarket LED lighting systems

The best commercial refrigeration display cases are those that ensure optimal food preservation and facilitate visibility.  As a result, the shopping experience for customers is significantly improved and supermarket chains see an increase in sales.

To achieve these goals there is one decisive factor: the lighting of the display cases. Infrico Supermarket, as an industry leader, has state-of-the-art LED lighting systems for its commercial refrigeration units. This reduces heat emission, reduces energy consumption and increases lighting efficiency.

To achieve these goals there is one decisive factor: the lighting of the display cases. Infrico Supermarket, as an industry leader, has advanced LED lighting systems.  These systems reduce heat emission, reduce energy consumption and increase lighting efficiency.

But, how to choose the most suitable lighting system? These are Infrico Supermarket’s keys to selecting the best option depending on the type of display case and the location of the LED lighting system:

  • Product selection
  • Lighting dimensioning
  • Uniformity
  • Safety

Product selection

Correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), degree of protection (IP), light output (W/m), luminarie efficacy (lm/W), type of optics and more. Infrico Supermarket considers all these aspects when choosing the ideal solution to illuminate your commercial refrigeration units with its LED lighting systems.

The color temperature, for example, is conditioned by the product to be displayed. Cool white 6000K is commonly used for frozen foods, while warm white 3000K is used for bakeries, cheese and hot foods, and white 4000K is widely used for dairy, fruit, vegetables and ready meals, among other products.

Lighting dimensioning

Medium light intensity contributes to the preservation of the product in the supermarket while premium light intensity helps to make the products displayed on the furniture more visible


Uniformity plays a decisive role in the sensation of light that we perceive with our eyes. For this reason, it´s essential to select an appropriate configuration for uniform distribution. In vertical units with vertical door lighting, it is important to maintain a linear distance of more than 168 mm between the LED and the product to be displayed to create the ideal shelf from a lighting point of view.

Infrico Supermarket also has a patented price holder shelf system with built-in LED lighting to improve the visibility of product prices.


Infrico’s LED systems are 24V; have an IP65 protection rating for vertical LEDs and IP54 for visor, shelf and display LEDs; and have a color rendering index CRI over 90 depending on the LED model and color.

Download the LED lighting systems Dossier