The new price holder that increases shopping effectiveness in supermarkets

Every detail is important when it comes to improving the shopping experience for customers in supermarkets and, as a result, increasing the sales perfomance. From the optimum temperature in the aisles of refrigerated products to the visibility of the product on display, Infrico Supermarket analyses even the smallest detail in its commitment to continuous improvement in its commercial refrigeration display cases.

It´s under this premise that the new price holder system developed, manufactured and patented by Infrico for its Experience multidecks is presented. The new price holder – registered at the Spanish Patents and Registrations Office under the title “Dispositivo portaprecio” and number ES-1074593 – stands out, fundamentally, for two clear advantages: increasing the ease of use and increasing the visibility of the price of products in supermarkets.

The visibility of prices – a key aspect in attracting customers’ attention and stimulating their purchasing decision – is now enhanced by the add-on function that allows LED lighting to be accommodated without auxiliary parts. Thanks to the location of this LED lighting, which eliminates the front view of the lighting points, the new price holder ensures that supermarket items are always illuminated on their front side – the promotional side – and not on their upper side, as is the case with other systems on the market.

The result is an increase in effectiveness which, together with the low power consumption and high efficiency of the LED system installed in the shelves, makes for a sustainable system. Efficiency reaches 95%, which means that only 5% of its power is dissipated in heat. This is further balanced by the advanced cooling system of the Infrico Supermarket solutions so that the quality and perfect preservation of the product is not affected.

When mounted on Infrico’s standard shelves, the new price holder is available as a replacement for any price holder previously installed on Infrico Supermarket’s Experience range of commercial refrigeration display cases and earlier ranges.

This new improvement is another example of Infrico Supermarket’s firm commitment to evolve and offer the best to its customers.