Origen Español Certificado, a new achievement

Infrico Supermarket achieves a new milestone: “Origen Español Certificado“ (Certified Spanish Origin). After passing a demanding audit, we have achieved a certification that was created in 2013 to highlight the origin of the products, as well as their quality and production process. The Certified Spanish Origin project seeks to improve the competitiveness of the products and companies that we manufacture in Spain with this logo that Infrico Supermarket has just achieved.

This logo recognises companies that, like ours, manufacture in Spain. On the other hand, OEC seeks to make consumers aware of the procedure and production process of what they buy. In fact, this is one of the points that have been assessed in the audit that Infrico Supermarket has passed. We are always committed to providing the customer with real and clear information

Being a Certified Spanish Origin company has required a great effort on our part.

We have been driven by the need to make it clear that we always provide quality and excellence to all our products and processes. In addition to being 100% manufactured in Spain, our equipment is carefully designed, high quality and efficient.

The OEC Certification accredits our registration in Spain. At Infrico Supermarket we have worked to have this external entity certify our status as manufacturers. A logo that shows us as a trustworthy company committed to the customer.

Our shopping become easier.