New Infrico Supermarket products: to follow up this year’s numerous product launches in 2021

At Infrico Supermarket, we are constantly working to offer innovative, quality products that surprise both customers and users. Infrico Supermarket’s commercial refrigeration display cases aim, above all, to offer high performance and the best technological and aesthetic features (design and footprint). In addition, one of the company’s hallmarks is to provide the market with efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration display cases.

During 2021 and in the first quarter of 2022, we have launched many products on the market, which are trendsetting due to their quality and high performance. All these new products were presented to our customer and the public at the refrigeration fair C&R2021 in Madrid last November.

These new products are:

  • Coral ice cream display counters: display counters for the sale of ice cream in traditional assisted service with a straight glass design and a tendency towards minimalist design to integrate into all sales areas. Freezer design with two completely independent circuits.
  • VEE range of display counters: Experience for Eat narrow display counters for ready meals. Wide product range with designs for all types of commercial sales, especially ready meals.
  • MNBT (Frozen multideck): vertical narrow freezer multideck display cases for remote group with triple glass hinged doors. Designed for the preservation of frozen products for efficient storage.
  • VEX CP HT: Straight glass display case with flat display for assisted service. Designed specifically for the display of hot products.
  • MNBTU: Mixed multideck freezer display cases with triple glass doors. It´s a remote cabinet with freezer unit in the top for maximum capacity without refrigeration installation.
  • MSDG: extra narrow multideck refrigeration display cases with double glass hinged doors. Tempered and low emissivity glass.
  • MSDGU: mixed extra narrow multideck display cases with double glass hinged doors. It is a remote display case with refrigeration unit to the top to have maximum capacity without refrigeration installation Tempered and low emissivity glass.
  • GDCPL1: static panoramic island for frozen products.
  • VEX decorative finishes and operating accessories: the new “microcement” decorative finish for Experience VEX display cabinets is available in three colors and allows the sales area to be differentiated with a high-quality finish. In addition, the Deli VEX accessories can be used to fit the elements necessary for the operation of the refrigerated display cases, such as cutters, scales, bags, knives or protective film.
  • New Total Look transparent doors: these are designed to meet the needs of customizing sales areas with long refrigerated aisles by eliminating the customers’ side view of the glass door frames.
  • VBR PDS Amber straight glass double service display case: modular range of pastry display cases that allow different types of sales to be combined on the same shelf.
  • Valencia series self-service promotional display case: VVL10 promotional plug in  display counter. Designed specifically for the display and sale of cold meats, cheeses, dairy products and sandwiches.
  • MLDGU and MLDGU22: mixed Experience MLDGU refrigerated multidecks. Remote multidecks with a refrigeration unit to the top. Extends the possibilities of in-store deployment without refrigeration installation.
  • HO BW premium LED lighting. High-efficiency LED lighting with high luminance.

For the growth of the company, the support and trust of our customers has been fundamental, and day after day we try to repay their trust in us with effort, dedication and, above all, with our experience and know-how in the sector.

We look forward to overcoming new challenges and achieving excellence in our work in order to continue to be a benchmark in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration furniture for supermarkets.