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Grupo Infrico launches WaterIn, the new water condensing system with R290 refrigerant in commercial refrigeration

The new European gas regulations, as well as the rising price of electricity and gas, and the increasing needs of retailers to adapt quickly to market changes, mean that manufacturers have to look for solutions. Nowadays, customers are demanding products that save energy and have a lower environmental impact. For several years now, the Infrico

New range of refrigerated display counters for pastries Magnus series

Vitrina Magnus

Infrico Supermarket’s commercial refrigeration furniture follows the trend of offering design, quality and innovation. Similarly, all the company’s furniture is designed and manufactured with the aim of offering excellence in the shopping experience and greater visibility of the products on display. The focus of these Magnus series refrigerated display counters for patisseries is increasingly aimed

New Infrico Supermarket products: to follow up this year’s numerous product launches in 2021

At Infrico Supermarket, we are constantly working to offer innovative, quality products that surprise both customers and users. Infrico Supermarket’s commercial refrigeration display cases aim, above all, to offer high performance and the best technological and aesthetic features (design and footprint). In addition, one of the company’s hallmarks is to provide the market with efficient