Grupo Infrico launches WaterIn, the new water condensing system with R290 refrigerant in commercial refrigeration

The new European gas regulations, as well as the rising price of electricity and gas, and the increasing needs of retailers to adapt quickly to market changes, mean that manufacturers have to look for solutions.

Nowadays, customers are demanding products that save energy and have a lower environmental impact. For several years now, the Infrico Group has been playing an important role in the industry in this respect, and energy savings and environmental protection are two conditioning factors that have driven the WaterIn initiative.

The Infrico Group presents the WaterIn system, which allows significant savings at different levels. WaterIn is the company’s new water condensing system with R290 refrigerant in commercial refrigeration.

WaterIn offers multiple benefits in commercial refrigeration, such as higher energy efficiency, lower environmental impact and better temperature control are just some of its advantages.

  • Greater energy efficiency: water has a higher heat transfer capacity than air, which reduces energy consumption.
  • Lower carbon footprint: by being more efficient, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quiet operation: reduces the need for fans so WaterInn generates less noise.
  • Better temperature control: water as a medium for condensation allows for more precise temperature control of cooling equipment.

The implementation of WaterInn in any business is key to improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Being pioneers in the implementation, Infrico Group’s refrigeration equipment still maintains the highest quality and can add the energy efficiency factor. Therefore, innovation and sustainable development are fundamental factors in any production process within the organisation.