Infrico Supermarket’s 2023: a proactive year to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to offer the best solutions on the market

Infrico Supermarket has been very active throughout 2023. In this period, the Infrico Group subsidiary has contributed to innovation with new products, created valuable resources for customers and had an important presence at industry trade fairs. In this respect, the Euroshop (Düsseldorf) and C&R (Madrid) trade fairs have had a very positive impact and have allowed the reinforcement of strategies such as product launches, opening up to new markets and strengthening ties with customers and establishing contact with potential customers. As a result, the brand has improved its positioning.

In terms of product innovations, Infrico Supermarket has presented important innovations during the year, with Waterin, the water circuit refrigeration system that works with natural propane refrigerant gas (R290), standing out above all others. This new technology has been a revolution due to its greater energy efficiency and lower environmental impact, among numerous other benefits.

In addition, the new Amber series display case and the new hot food wall units, the Biggie self-service promotional island, the new Vision transparent promotional range and the Magnus range of refrigerated bakery display cases were unveiled.

These additions not only reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence, but also demonstrate its ability to adapt to changing market needs and demands. Infrico Supermarket prides itself on its continuous pursuit of perfection and its ability to provide advanced solutions to its customers.

The aforementioned products are just some of the new products that have been introduced throughout the year. On the other hand, we must not forget the strengthening of the online part, with more content on social networks of all product and company news, the new landing page to have a single click all the information of Watering and the new app of Infrico Supermarket.

Infrico Supermarket wants to reach its customers and connect with potential customers through all available channels and avenues. Therefore, the content is available in digital and paper format. One of the actions in this regard has been the creation of a Product Guide. This guide not only serves as an informative tool for customers, but also highlights the diversity and quality of the range of products offered by the company. Available in three languages (Spanish, English and French) with all the cooling equipment offered by the company, the Product Guide provides a complete and detailed overview of its offer, making it easier for customers to make their decision.

The Waterin Commercial Brochure is another highlight of Infrico Supermarket’s communication strategy. This brochure not only highlights the features and benefits of this product, but also highlights the company’s concern for sustainability and energy efficiency. By providing detailed information about the Waterin range, Infrico Supermarket demonstrates its commitment to providing solutions that not only meet customer needs, but also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

Finally, Infrico Supermarket’s Corporate Catalogue 2023 is a complete manifestation of the company’s vision, mission and values. This catalogue highlights the products, as well as the company’s track record and commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. This document reflects the company’s corporate identity and sets a standard of excellence in the presentation of products and services.

Throughout the year, the company has demonstrated its positioning and strength in the market through the implementation of strategic actions. From product innovations to informational resources, the company has maintained a proactive approach to stay at the forefront of the industry and deliver the best solutions to customers. And looking ahead to 2024, the new general catalogue is already being prepared and will be available in the coming months.