Infrico Supermarket closes a successful 2023 with the launch of new products offering the best solution to its customers

Throughout 2023, Infrico Supermarket demonstrated its positioning and market strength by implementing strategic actions in a number of areas. From product innovations to information resources, the company has maintained a proactive approach to stay at the forefront of the industry and offer the best solutions to customers.

With the mission to continue to offer customers innovative and quality products, the company incorporated new furniture during the year, demonstrating its adaptation to the changing needs and demands of the market. In this respect, the company prides itself on its continuous pursuit of perfection and its ability to provide the most advanced solutions.

In the area of product innovations, Infrico Supermarket presented important innovations, most notably Waterin, the water circuit refrigeration system that runs on natural propane refrigerant gas (R290). This innovative technology has been a revolution due to its greater energy efficiency and lower environmental impact, among numerous other benefits.

In addition, the VBRPC pastry display counter from the Ámbar series was presented, which is designed for the display and preservation of hot products, with outstanding features such as the high capacity with different display levels, the double service display counter (assisted and self service) for hot products, the independent air circulation on each level and the interior thermometer, electronic control and safety thermostat.

Within the concept of businesses such as bakeries, the Magnus range of display counter is another solution. This display counter is perfect for all types of establishments, even in small spaces, as its design is modern and elegant. They are undoubtedly an excellent option for keeping pastry, bakery or chocolate products at an optimum temperature and at the same time with an elegant and minimalist presentation.

In addition, within the Magnus range, the low glass pastry display counter was presented, available in up to 5 different models and with sizes and capacities to adapt to any surface and display.

The Vision range, also new for 2023, has become the perfect solution for any business. This new commercial refrigeration range has numerous advantages such as: total visibility of the product on display, which will make the products on display fully visible to customers and the interaction with them much more direct; modern and updated design; manufacture with high quality materials to ensure durability; resistance to the elements; and compact structure so it can be adapted to any space.

The new version of the MNBTP 2023 Plug-in Freezer Walls was another new product highlight. It offers excellence in the shopping experience due to its optimised dimensions and maximum visibility of the product on display. This new version features improvements such as a reduction in the number of condensing units, fewer components and improved maintenance due to easy access to components.

The Biggie self-service promotional island is one of the latest additions to the Infrico Supermarket ecosystem. This model, Biggie, combines the service of display and wall-mounted counters, making it ideal for the display and sale of refrigerated products.

Another of the year’s novelties in terms of furniture were the hot walls for food preservation. This type of wall units are designed to keep food warm at an optimum temperature, which guarantees food safety and the quality of the food itself. Among its main features is its total visibility, which potentially increases sales.

Lastly, the 2023 choral display counter, designed for ice cream, was created with the aim of preserving the unique texture and flavour of each ice cream at any time of the year.

These are the main products that have been launched over the past year and which have enabled the company to continue to position itself as one of the leading brands in the sector. However, this does not stop here, as we are already working on offering more quality, more design, more innovation and more sustainability. In this new year there will be more novelties.