Discover WaterIn


Why WaterIn?

New European gas regulations, as well as rising electricity and gas prices, and the increasing need for retailers to adapt quickly to market changes, mean that manufacturers have to look for new solutions.
Today, customers are demanding products that save energy and have a lower environmental impact. For several years now, the Infrico Group has been playing an important role in the industry in this respect, and energy savings and care for the environment are two conditioning factors that have driven the WaterIn initiative.

What´s WaterIn?

The WaterIn refrigeration system is a new water circuit technology from Infrico that works on natural propane refrigerant gas (R290), which has a minimum Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3, making the system an environmentally friendly solution.

WaterIn are commercial refrigeration display cases for positive and negative conservation product temperatures, with individual R290 units and water condensing system.


WaterIn is an environmentally friendly, water condensing system that offers multiple benefits in commercial refrigeration. Higher energy efficiency, lower environmental impact and better temperature control are just some of its advantages.

  • Increased energy efficiency: water has a higher heat transfer capacity than air, which reduces energy consumption.
  • Lower carbon footprint: being more efficient helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Better temperature control: water as a condensing medium allows for more precise temperature control in refrigeration equipment.

Where can we install this system?

This innovative system is optimal for installations that meet the following conditions:

  • Sales room up to 1400 m²
    o Approximately up to 40kW refrigeration capacity
    o Approximately up to 80kW aerothermics
  • Outdoor working temperature (Dry Cooler) max. 48ºC
    o Exceeding these outdoor ambient conditions will require the addition of a Chiller to the system.
  • Product portfolio. Being an ecological system means that all the refrigeration and freezing units are closed.
    o With the exception of the vertical fruit and vegetable wall units in H1 temperature regime and maximum length of 2.5 meters (according to EN ISO23953).

Does this new system require an installation project ?

The implementation of WaterIn in any business is key to improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

While it´s true that the WaterIn system does not require refrigeration installation because it´s display cases with the condensing unit already installed and charged from the factory, its implementation requires an installation calculation for the sizing of the water pipes, the Dry Cooler, the necessary hydraulic system and its location, etc.
Therefore, it will always require a layout to implement the location of the cooling units, location of the elements, routing of the water circuit pipes, etc.

What are the benefits of the WaterIn system ?

Infrico Group presents the WaterIn system, which allows significant savings at different levels.

  • EFFICIENT SYSTEM with up to 25% ENERGY SAVING according to the use of efficient components and with regulations according to the individual, and not collective, needs of each piece of furniture.
  • 75% REFRIGERANT LOAD REDUCTION. Factory charged, no refrigerant piping required in the room and possibly no central refrigeration plant.
  • FLEXIBILITY OF IMPLEMENTATION. Remote furniture in capacity that allows for changes of location on the premises.
  • MINIMUM REFRIGERANT LOAD with approximately 0.1 kg/kW refrigeration.
  • HEAT RECOVERY for heating or domestic hot water.
  • NATURAL REFRIGERATORS WITHOUT TAX. 0 € tax by eliminating the IGFEI 2022 F-Gas tax.
  • CONDENSERS WITHOUT MAINTENANCE. Condensers do not need periodic cleaning to guarantee the correct functioning of the unit.
  • ELIMINATION, IN MANY CASES, OF THE MACHINE ROOM. External placement of the Dry Cooler and hydraulics o Internal Dry Cooler with centrifugal extraction.
  • ELIMINATION OF THE TYPICAL RISKS OF CENTRALISED INSTALLATIONS. Oil return, liquid return, condensation efficiency, water hammer in the solenoid valve, etc.
  • LESS RISK OF LEAKS. The gas charge is exclusively in the furniture.

What is the product portfolio available ?

Since we are talking about ecological, efficient and environmentally friendly systems, we are talking about closed cabinets that allow optimal conservation of the exposed product at the lowest possible environmental cost.

Being pioneers in implementation, Infrico Group’s refrigeration equipment still maintains the highest quality and can add the energy efficiency factor. Therefore, innovation and sustainable development are fundamental factors in any production process within our organization.