All information about the new Waterin system in different languages and video formats

Adapting content for a more global audience. This is how Infrico Supermarket is approaching its communication strategy. In order to adapt to current market demands, the specifics of the Waterin system are being offered through different types of videos (short, pill-like videos, longer videos and videos in different languages). This strategy not only captures the viewer’s attention, but also effectively communicates the essence of the product and its purpose.

The Waterin refrigeration system uses natural propane refrigerant gas (R290), which makes it an environmentally friendly solution, thanks to its minimal global warming potential (GWP) of 3. This feature positions it as an environmentally friendly and sustainable option in the commercial refrigeration market.

The videos have been released in different languages: Spanish, English and French. The aim to launch these videos in three different languages reflects Infrico Supermarket’s ambition to reach a global audience. This strategy not only extends the company’s reach, but also allows it to connect with more consumers around the world.

By communicating in different languages, Infrico Supermarket shows its commitment to the linguistic and cultural diversity of its audience. It recognises the importance of reaching potential customers in their native language, making it easier for them to understand and connect with the product and brand.

The videos explain the origin of Waterin, what this new system consists of, the benefits and advantages and the portfolio of products available. This system, presented through different video formats, stands out for the explanation given in the videos by its professionals, thus creating a relationship of trust with the consumer.

In summary, Infrico Supermarket’s communication strategy regarding the Waterin system is an outstanding example of adaptation to current market trends. Through informative videos in different languages, the company not only presents its new product, but also builds a bridge to a global audience, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and excellence in commercial refrigeration.