New range of refrigerated display counters for pastries Magnus series

Vitrina Magnus

Infrico Supermarket’s commercial refrigeration furniture follows the trend of offering design, quality and innovation. Similarly, all the company’s furniture is designed and manufactured with the aim of offering excellence in the shopping experience and greater visibility of the products on display.

The focus of these Magnus series refrigerated display counters for patisseries is increasingly aimed at more demanding and professional audiences, thus reinforcing customer customisation.

This display counter is perfect for all types of establishments, even for small spaces, as it is modern and elegant. It is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to customise the point of sale to the customer’s needs.

The Magnus series refrigerated display counters for pastries are an excellent option for keeping pastries, bakery products or chocolates at an optimum temperature, while at the same time offering an elegant and minimalist presentation.

Nowadays, everything develops and evolves very quickly, so innovating products and adapting them to the needs of customers has become a fundamental factor in the development of companies.

Infrico Supermarket, a benchmark company in the sector, understands that innovation is a fundamental process within any company, whether for its development, to be at the forefront of consumer trends and to offer customers what they really demand.

At Infrico Supermarket we work to design products that bring real value to customers and satisfy their needs and expectations. In this sense, the Magnus series refrigerated display counters for patisseries respond to customer needs in terms of functionality, usefulness, space occupied in the sales area and total visibility of the product on display.