New Vegalsa-Eroski sales area in Melide (A Coruña-Spain) operating with the natural refrigerant R744 (C02 transcritical) as refrigerant in a remote installation.

Commercial refrigeration display cases tested and manufactured according ISO23953 with an operating pressure PS=60 bar complying with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (Article 4, Paragraph 3).

AWide selection of remote refrigerated display cabinets for all sales areas with high efficiency equipment

VEX Traditional service display counters for meat, deli, cheese and ham.
Display case equipped with electronic fans, also in the SCC condensation control system, and LED lighting developed by the property in flesh color.

Like all the remote equipment described in this article, they incorporate Carel’s E2V electronic expansion valve and MPXPRO electronic control.

The line is composed on the left side of the VEX display case for meat and for charcuterie and cheese on the right side. Both sides converge in the new VEXCA meat tower display case equipped this time for hams. This VEXCA is perfectly aligned with the aesthetics of the VEX, giving continuity to the line.

VVLL12 Promotional display case for impulse buying.
In this case we are talking about a cabinet with eco Plug in propane (R290) to facilitate its mobility within the work area.

It´s equipped with high intensity and high efficiency LED lighting in warm color 3000K located on both sides of the cabinet that enhance the attractiveness of the product on display.

VEG semi-counter Elegance with two shelves and AISI304 stainless steel interior.
Located in the fruit and vegetable area, this promotional Semi-counter offers packaged fruit, increasing the area’s impulse sales. Equipped with wheels and eco Plug in propane (R290).

It has high efficiency LED lighting on canopy and shelves. The area is complemented with refrigeration multidecks for 4th range.

MDG Experience remote closed multidecks
The Experience multidecks units are equipped with high efficiency and low transmission coefficient double glass doors and oleo dynamic hinges for ease of use.

They´re equipped in all sections with Philips Integrade LED lighting both vertical, canopy and/or shelf.

The combination of our Slim doors without screen printing and LED lighting enhances the end user experience, making shopping easier.

EHC freezer display
For the frozen food section the chosen cases are propane eco freezer display (R290) with automatic defrost, automatic water evaporation, Led lighting and sliding glass lids.

Installation made by Frigo Diz with SCM Frigo C02 refrigeration racks consisting of a low temperature compressor of 6.69 kW and three postive temperature compressors of 55.93 kW power. In addition, a radial Gas Cooler with 3 fans has been installed.