Infrico Supermarket will present its new solutions at Euroshop 2020

EuroShop is the most important International Monographic Retail Trade Fair in the world, with the widest range of products and services, with maximum innovation and quality.

Held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 16 Feb 2020 to 20 Feb 2020

It is considered the world’s largest trade fair, due to its high concentration of professionals and decision-makers, as well as a nerve centre for debate and exchange of opinions and experiences around the trade sector. EuroShop 2020 integrates the annual EuroCIS fair as a parallel event, every three years.

Infrico Supermarket will be present for the first time at Euroshop 2020 with a large stand of 162 m2, C01 located in hall 17, where it will present its newest and most innovative solutions and proposals within its “Experience” program. Among them we can find:

  • Experience for Eat

Experience for Eat is Infrico Supermarket’s new program that incorporates all the display cases for the creation of catering areas in the supermarket areas and presents Infrico Supermarket as a total supplier for the catering area within the supermarket.

Gastronomy is a trend and we want to take care of our customers to offer high quality food in supermarkets.

These display cases allow you to show and to preserve your product, refrigerated or hot, ready to eat.

The new program includes specific display cases for Supermarkets and Hospitality equipment, and the combination of both allows you to customize your sales and catering areas to your Gourmet and/or corporate image.

  • Experience 4.0

Experience 4.0 is the result of the application of the IoT “Internet of Thing” concept, the digital interconnection of objects with the Internet, to the Infrico commercial cold display cases in order to obtain a wider, more flexible and efficient control of them.

With the aim of providing added value to Infrico commercial refrigeration furniture, an intelligent system has been designed to control, monitor and increase functionalities in order to obtain a competitive advantage over the solutions available on the market.

Provides intelligence to each piece of refrigeration display cases, in order to make the system autonomous, carrying out any programmed task of interaction with users or maintenance.

With Experience 4.0 we control and manage the energy consumption of each display case, we carry out an automatic ignition control by means of outdoor light sensors and we control the thermal and humidity gradient produced between the furniture and the exterior. We carry out any ignition or interaction with the user by means of PIR presence sensors and we know if a certain door is opened that allows us to prevent leaks or to know consumption habits.

It manages to monitor and manage any element of the installation.

Customization, adaptability, and scalability of innovative solutions to meet customer needs, increasing functionality, efficiency, and security

Adaptability to any type of project, allowing the creation of distributed networks thanks to the communication by own bus with cat5 cable of more than 200m and wirelessly by means of radiofrequency.

  • What’s new in the Experience line

You will find new proposals and trends for 2020 such as frameless full glass doors for cooling and freezing vertical multidecks, high-efficiency LED lighting, Touch electronic controls, the use of natural refrigerants or transcritical C02 central units.

All this for the product lines for Supermarket, he pastry and ice-cream areas or Horeca.