C&R2019 – Transcritical C02 installations and water condensation

The objective of C&R 2019 fair, in addition to presenting the new portfolio products for 2019, is to reinforce Infrico Supermarket’s commitment to eco-design, environment care and sustainable development by offering solutions to meet these objectives.

Grupo Infrico was also present at the recent and successful C&R 2019 fair in Madrid through 2 important collaborations that complemented the Infrico Supermarket and Impafri stands, where important new products were presented:

With Panasonic and transcritical C02

Panasonic showed its solutions for trans-critical CO2 at its stand and one of its units was functionally connected to 2 Infrico Supermarket multidecks.

In this case we are talking about the OCU-CR200 rack and two multidecks from the Experience family, MDG model the latest generation

Being in real operation allowed customers to see this type of facilities live and analyse the different solutions available for their facilities

In the Refrigeration Workshop and water condensation systems

Organised by AEFYT and as part of the workshop activities, a vertical multideck  double glazed doors by Infrico was installed with a cooling system with condensation in the water circuit and reduced refrigerant charge.

In this case we are talking about an INTARLOOP unit by Intarcón and also a Experience multideck family, model MDG of the latest generation.

Infrico Supermarket knows the importance of the technical training of future professionals, as well as the use of systems with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency.