Grupo Infrico finalizing the second expansion phase of Infrico Supermarket factory

Since 1986 and after a long journey, 2019 is the year in which the expansion of Infrico Supermaket takes place. There are already more than 3 decades of an intense trajectory that continues to allow the evolution of the Grupo Infrico.Taking a brief historical overview, it was in 1994 when the first exports were made to France and Portugal, in 2011 when it was aimed at the American market, already having presence in more than 80 countries and in 2016 when Infrico Medcare was born.Currently Grupo Infrico is becoming a holding company with its third Infrico Supermarket plant, based on the manufacture of all types of refrigerated showcases for the food sector, large surfaces and the Horeca channel. Globalization is a present reality in our day to day and diversification leads us towards an increasingly competitive market.The changes imposed by evolution become new challenges. To take on great challenges, the group already has more than 500 employees who perform a successful and essential work. New talents are already part of this great family and training becomes one of the cornerstones of business strategy.The second generation of Grupo Infrico starts taking control of the project that continues to grow and expand all over the world. Thanks to the technological advance, innovation and digitalization of the firm, the various barriers that appear in its path are being overcome and allow a perpetual growth based on learning and improvement.The Internet of things, nanotechnology, product connectivity and technical seminars on the new R290 refrigerant, among others, are several of the projects that have been carried out in recent years and are warmly welcomed in the market.Offering solutions that continue to guarantee the well-being of the industry continues to be one of the main objectives of the Grupo Infrico, committed to society and working together thanks to its 4 pillars: Infrico, Impafri, Infrico Medcare and Infrico Supermarket.