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This year 2020 is being a special year due to the global health situation which has brought us important product news as a consequence of the changes that are taking place in the way the final consumer buys. In this communication we will show you the new products launched in this mature 2020 within the program of the Experience line.
What does Experience mean?“The creation of sales areas that improve the user experience is the hallmark of the new Infrico Supermarket “Experience”.Experience is integrative design in the sales area with total visibility of the product and optimal and efficient conservation of the product on display.

MBTP Frozen Multideck Experience Plug in R290

MNPTP is the new plug-in R290 Experience frozen multideck.Proximity is becoming a key factor in daily shopping and these small shop formats need solutions that take up little space, have large capacity and allow the frozen product to be displayed in a surprising way.Available in 2, 3 and 4 doors the MNBTP model allows you to size your freezing area while being environmentally friendly.

GD Static Panoramic Island Plug in R290

GD Static panoramic island R290 is the new innovation for your freezing area ⦁ Your display product at the point of sale without installation ⦁ Optimise sales by standing out at the point of sale ⦁ Product visibility from any point at the shop ⦁ Boosting impulse sales

COMBI AS25 Frozen Top Merchandiser Plug in R290

COMBI AS25 Frozen Top MerchandiserDisplay for the preservation of frozen products that enhances the attractiveness and order in the freezer shelf.Combine it with the static panoramic lower island GD or with the EHC cabinets

SMDCP SMP Plug in Refrigerating Experience Lowmultideck R290

SMDCP and SMP are the new R290 plug-in lowrmultideck Experience for your fresh product display without installationYour promotional product at the point of sale without installationWhere, how and when you want!Up to 70% of purchases are decided at the point of sale.. .With the New SM you optimize impulse sales by standing out at the point of sale

ML18PM2 Plug in R290 Refrigerating Open Experience Promotional Multideck

ML18PM2 is the new Propane R290 plug-in Experience Promotional MultideckOpen promotional furniture designed with full visibility of the product on display, boosting impulse salesWhat is our proposal? Stand out at the point of sale to increase your sales

AGB Dry Aging Meat Cabinet

AGB Meat Cabinet designed to accommodate the Dry Aging process in an easy, safe and controlled wayThis cabinet offers the best results in terms of taste, texture and aromaExternal finish in AISI304 quality stainless steel or black lacquered galvanised steel (B models)The interior is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with inlaid guides and bottom and curved joints to facilitate cleaning.Includes high efficiency LED lighting

Matte white worktop, including top supports and glass

LO6414LB Display Cabinet for Chocolates

LO6414LB Display cabinet for chocolates Line of ventilated refrigerated display cabinets, with a temperature range for chocolate and bonbons display (+15ºC to +18ºC), with humidity between 40% and 60% of relative humidity.Adjustable glass shelves in height measuring 510x450mm, models 650mm long and 710x450mm, models 850mm long, 3 levels in the “S” model and 5 levels in the “L” model.Also available models LO6415SB with 4 rotating glass shelves and LO6415LB with 6 rotating glass shelves, shelf diameter 460mm. Available in 4 glass faces with standard finish in SILVER QUARTZ

Ámbar Muffin

Display case for pastry series Ámbar model Muffin ModularDesigned for bakery and pastry shops. Client gas defrosting and ventilated condensation system.Standard colours and possibility of easily placed decorative panels.Digital controlGreater precision in the temperature and humidity control system. Easier adjustment of the temperature range to be achieved.LED Lighting

VVL Valencia Plug in R290 Series Promotional Display Counter

VVL promotional display counter Valencia seriesThe valencia VVL family of display counters is updated with ecological propane units and grows, incorporating closed model with sliding covers and/or double exposure lightingNew options: ⦁ Closed model with VVL sliding covers ⦁ Warm white double exposure 3000K

VVL12 Double Lighting Display

This cabinet allows you to improve the visibility of the product on display with the incorporation of high efficiency 3000K LED lighting on both sides of the cabinet.Incorporated as standard: o DOUBLE LED lighting (in air outlet and inlet) o Separate lighting switch o Double connection hose: Separate electrical lighting connection hose

VEXU Plug in Experience Supermarket Case

VEXU Plug in Experience Supermarket display CountersThese models complement the current remote group models, providing them with a very important feature such as IMPLEMENTATION FLEXIBILITYWe integrate the Experience VEX display counters with a plug-in group that allows you to place them where, how and when you need them WITHOUT the need for INSTALLATION

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VEE “Experience for Eat” Display counter line

“Experience for Eat” display counters specifically for the take-away program, for the display and sale of your products in refrigerated, hot and neutral temperature